Make Me Up… Quick

Desk Days #3

Mornings are not my thing, and when you’re up late studying you want to sleep in as much as possible during the flash card filled days. Here is my quick morning make-up routines for days I only have 5 minutes.


  1. Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder. It’s light-weight but gives the perfect amount of coverage over my foundation. Some days I just dust some of this on my face if I’m really in a hurry.
  2. CK One Color Mascara & Victoria’s Secret Eye Liner. A little mascara every morning makes a huge difference in making your eyes look open & awake. If you have time add a little eye liner for a more dramatic look.
  3. Benefit Big Easy BB Cream. These all in one BB or CC creams are the best! They have everything in them: your foundation, SPF plus they are lightweight. The all-in-one part is what make them a must-have for your morning school routine.
  4. Beauty Rush Lip Gloss & Chap Stick. Lip gloss is something you can swipe on in a second and easily re-apply all day while giving you a little extra something, something on your lips. Before lip gloss always swipe on some chap stick, I have these little blue tubes laying all over the house, but in my purse I carry EOS.
  5. Straighter & Bobbi Pins. A few swipes through my hair and I am good to go in the morning. I usually throw my bangs up with bobbi pins so they are out of my face for busy days.

Make-Up Details
Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder: Sephora $46
Victoria’s Secret Eye Liner: Victoria’s Secret $12
CK One Color Mascara: Ulta $18
Benefit Big Easy BB Cream: Ulta $38
Beauty Rush Lip Gloss: Victoria’s Secret 4/$20

-Rachel Jean


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