Back to School Trends

Back to School Day 2.
Now that you know where-to shop, here’s the what-to shop guide for your upcoming desk days, in a snapshot of my favorite trends for this Back to School season.

Back to School Trends
  1.  Midi Skirt. I just adore the midi skirt. It’s so different from what has been around lately, and feels fresh to wear. I found mine this season at Zara in a color that will transition perfect into fall, and add some much needed color to my closet.
    PS stop back Friday to see how I styled mine
  2. Tulle.  I’ve been searching for a tulle skirt for the longest time and finally found one this summer in NYC. They are simply adorable and so much fun to wear. I plan on pairing mine with some chunky boots and a leather jacket to toughen up the look.
  3. Statement Necklace. The bigger the better in this case. If you have a neutral colored wardrobe like mine colorful statement necklaces are a way to brighten it up… and make a statement. I have been seeing them everywhere lately from specialty boutiques to Target.
  4. Metallic Shoes. This summer I think everyone in my office had a pair of metallic shoes, and they are here to stay for fall. Think of metallic as a neutral and wear them with EVERYTHING! I found an awesome pair of sandals at Kohl’s, but if you are looking for school shoes I would opt for a pair of flats.
  5. Chunky Boots. They are a must have for the winters in the Mid-West, and since the 90’s are having a comeback the Dr. Marten style boots are your must-haves for the fall. I love my Docs I bought at the beginning of last fall and plan to wear them for many years to come.

Purple skirt

T.U.K. lace up boots

Rose necklace

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