Shop til’ you Drop. Back 2 School

Holding on to the last days of summer, we know in the near future we will be sitting in desks taking notes. But think of how cute you will look taking those notes after you complete your first homework assignment of year:
Get new clothes!

Though my back to school shopping was all summer in New York, here is the a list of the stores I always hit up before going back to school.

The Where-To B2S Shopping guide

  • Tops: The best places to find unique tops to update your school wardrobe are thrift and resale stores. You will be rocking one of kind pieces this year.
  • Denim: I always love a good pair of Levi’s for school, and I always find that good pair at the Levi’s outlet (which also has ever better deals). This school year I’m on the hunt for dark wash high-rise jeans and mom jeans. Don’t forget Levi’s also sells great staple denim tops and jackets.
  • Jeans: Another place I love to shop my basic [insert favorite denim style here] is American Eagle Outfitters. For me it’s the skinny jean. Right before school starts they always have the Under $30 jean sale.
    PS it’s happening now.
  • Bag: It’s always nice to splurge a little when B2S shopping, personally I like to splurge on the bag, because it’s something I use every day for that year (and sometimes many years to come). The best B2S bag, in my opinion, is a leather Coach purse. But you still need money for your other B2S shopping, so check out the Coach outlet store; I usually find bags around $100.

B2S Basics Shopping Guide

  • Basic T’s @ Kohl’s. Stop in store for more color options.
  • Layering Pieces @ Forever 21, I just stocked up on tanks in nude, white and black for the school year.
  • Basics @ H&M. They have just about everything basic you could ever need from cardigans to skirts to maxi dresses.

Hope you enjoy your B2S Shopping.

-Rachel Jean


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