What’s in my New York Purse

whats in my bag2

1. The Purse. What holds everything. I bought this bag before I came to New York specifically for the trip. There’s always a reason to buy a new bag. I did really need a cross-body bag with a zip closure to keep be safe in the big apple. The size is also perfect to fit everything I need for work (and shopping), but it isn’t bulky for walking the crowded streets.

2. Sunnies. This city is hot and sunny in the summer, these are a must.

3. Wallet. I always carry a little (very little) amount of cash with me. There’s also a credit card for emergencies, my ID, and the fabulous metro card… I say that sarcastically because I hate the subway.

4. EOS. Best chapstick in the world.

5. Tic-Tac. I either carry these or gum with me for after lunch.

6. Pepper Spray. What can I say, this is New York.

7. Ibuprofen. These are a must to survive life anywhere sometimes.

8. iPhone & Headphones. The walk to work is about a mile, music makes it go faster. An app that has saved my life and my wallet this summer is NYC Subway, it helps to navigate the subway system easily.

Purse: Coach Outlet $100
Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs $40 Belle & Clive
Wallet: Pacsun $12 (very old)


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