Walk this Way

These shoes.

I went shopping this weekend with my mom because 1. I found $40 of babysitting money in my pocket from months ago 2. had a $25 gift card and 3. had TWO coupons for Kohl’s $10 off $30 and 20% off the entire purchase. And yes we were able to us both coupons.

As always after I was done looking at the clothes, I went straight for the shoes. And though I didn’t love these at first glance, my mind keeps picturing all the different ways I could wear these, all the different fashionable ways I could wear these. They are perfect for spring, summer and fall. They could be worn with everything from boyfriend jeans to my swimsuit at the beach. They could easily become my go-to shoes, and I might need to purchase two pairs.




Photo from style.com


PLUS don’t they resemble the Marc Jacobs Spring RTW shoes. Double plus just about every other show this season had flat shoes so you will be oh-so-fashionable stomping around this spring.

Don’t forget to check out the other Vera Wang shoes at Kohl’s right now.


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