Love Me or Love Me Not

5 full days left until Valentine’s Day style people.

You have probably heard/seen/read about a million and one presents you can buy for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day. But you don’t need a sweetie to buy you something you really want, here’s the perfect gift to yourself for V-Day.

photo from Anjicacar Tumblr

I first heard about Curtis Kulig last year in my blogging class at school, a fellow student had lived in New York that summer and saw his infamous Love Me graffiti on a building on her way to work everyday, which inspired her blog (it’s no longer around or I would link to it). Then I saw his collection of clothes and housewares made for Urban Outfitters (no longer available), that I fell in love with. His traditional Love Me graffiti was printed on everything from tees to pillow cases.

A few weeks ago, I saw Kulig’s jewelry collection on HauteLook (and I wish I would have bought the necklace when I had the chance, it was 45% off). Wanting to find out more about this jewelry I just Googled love me necklace and found the website where they are sold. Kulig teamed up with Mimi Jakobson, a jewelry designer from LA, to create this unique collection of jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


The collection is a little pricey at $90 for a necklace. But they will defiantly make a statement for Valentine’s Day. Check everything out at

Ribbet collage

Photos taken directly from

 Nasty Gal is also selling my personal favorite piece from the collection, the 3-D Love Me Drippy Necklace for $10 off the Me + Mi price, which also happens to be sold out on their website. Just make sure to get it while it’s still at Nasty Gal.



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