Daisies, duh

Hello style people,

I know it’s been awhile. I just moved back to school, and have been working non-stop. I will come back to the blogging world next week when school starts for me with lots and lots and lots and too many outfits. More than you will want.

I was just browsing some of my favorite online shopping sites to pass the time, and relax last night when I came across this BEAUTIFUL top. It is right on trend, and perfect for back to school. It’s a top that will let you be fashionable, and still be super comfy for those early 8 am classes.

$60 is a hefty price for pretty much just a tee shirt, don’t worry though I will be watching and patiently waiting for it to go on sale, and plan to fill you when it does so we can look too school for cool this year. But if you just cannot wait click here and be stylin’ for the first day.

Daisies, duh


Oversized tee


2 responses to “Daisies, duh

  1. Adorable! (I wouldn’t pay $60 for it either though, maybe it’ll go on sale sometime soon!)

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