Back to college

Hey style people

I have my back to school list/must haves for you today. It’s specifically targeted toward college students as I am in college right now, but I think you could defiantly use it if your still in high school. The pictures are to help you get started, and the list is below the picture. Hope you enjoy.

Back to college

1. A new updated purse. Able to carry everything you need for school. A neutral color is also good so you don’t have to change it everyday to match your outfit because it already does.
2. A everyday pair of shoes. Flat & neutral.
3. Something that stands out. I love skirts right now so this full midi skirt from Asos is totally my style.
4. Jeans! This year I’m looking for boyfriend jeans, but some of you might be into skinny, flare, straight or whatever it is you need at least one new pair.
5. A pair of heels for the weekends out. For me it’s the weekend out.
6. Some new shirts to update your wardrobe. An easy to way to make your whole wardrobe feel new.

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.
Love, Rachel


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