Stars and Stripes

Gahh, I’m in love with maxi skirts.

I was at my internship most of the day, and I love going there one because I get to dress up and two because I get to learn about vintage. I only have two more days left there this summer, and I’m going to be running the place for those days. AND I’m super excited about it.

My outfit for the day at my internship started with the stars tee from F21. I was going pair it with some black shorts, when I saw my new black and white striped maxi skirt hanging in the closet and decided to try that on. Since the outfit was busy I kept the shoes simple. (I just bought them from Aldo, and I’m just as obsessed with them as I am with maxi skirts right now). I added a black belt because the skirt is a smidge too big, and my new vintage necklace from the store I intern at. Check it out.





Outfit Details
Top: Forever 21 $6.80
Skirt: Dry Goods $31
Shoes: Aldo $60
Necklace: Vintage $12
Belt: Forever 21 $2
Purse: Goodwill, Coach $25

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.
Love, Rachel


4 responses to “Stars and Stripes

  1. Very cute outfit, I love the mix of such bold patterns!

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