Do it Yourself: PUNK x 2

Hello again style people,

I have my second Punk DIY today. Leading up to the DIY punk outfit inspired by the Met’s exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture. The whole look should be up Monday or Tuesday… if you’re lucky.

I’m just showing you how to add an extra punk fabric to your shorts. The shorts are already studded and cut from previous DIY’s. If you need a how-ton on studding, click HERE. And if you want to know how to cut jeans into shorts, click HERE.

Now for today’s DIY. It was super easy, and cost less than $5 for the fabric. I bought a half of yard of fabric with some to spare after; the total time was about 15 minutes. For the how-to follow the pictures.




Check back for the final look soon.

Thanks for visiting,
& again ROCK ON!


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