Do it Yourself: PUNK!

Hello style people.

One week ago today, I returned home from New York. While there, I made it mandatory for myself to visit the Met’s punk exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture. And I was so inspired by everything; the exhibit was so… punk. They didn’t let anyone take pictures unfortunately I can’t show you; however, numerous magazines are getting their inspiration from the exhibit too and featuring a lot of punk fashion spreads. My favorite so far is Teen Vogue featuring Emma Watson.

Being inspired by the exhibit and all the magazine spreads, I decided to create my own punk outfit. Today is just the DIY for the shirt, tomorrow will the shorts, and possibly Saturday or someday next week will the entire punk look. The total time took about 35 minutes, and it didn’t cost me a thing because I had all the supplies at home from different projects, but I will put where you can buy everything for this project if you need to. Here’s the DIY for the shirt, just follow the pictures.






Like I said the entire outfit will be featured on the blog soon, but for now you just get a sneak peak.

Where to buy supplies:
Shirt: Wal-Mart $3
Paint: Wal-Mart $.59
X-acto knife: Wal-Mart
Paint brush: Wal-Mart

Thanks for visiting,
Rock on.


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