Stylin’ Shorts

Hello style friends.

Summer has started officially for everyone now… I think. Is anyone still in school? I hope not. ANYWAY… In summer I live in shorts, and needed a few new pairs because my old ones are starting to fall apart. I wear them to work at the pool, with friends when I have a day off, and out at night (the one night a year I go out). I was so excited to find the perfect summer short at American Eagle because I’ve been obsessed with that store right now. They are a hi-rise short, which is so hot right now, but in a modern fit. They are also a really good length. Your booty won’t hang out, and they come in 3 perfect colors: black, rose and authentic light. Just a warning though, you might need to go up a size (I had to).

Check out our fun day and night styled with AE hi-rise festival shortie.

zqiSfB on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

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Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon.


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