Thrift Tip: Winter in Summer

Hello style friends.

A few days ago, my friend dragged me to Goodwill to use her birthday coupon. I thought I would go just to support her since I didn’t need any new clothes nor do I have money to spend, but I ended up finding more than she did. My findings were on such a great deal, though, that I wanted to share with you how to find your own great deals.

The Thrift Tip of the day is…

Shop the off-season. Doing this at a retail level you can find amazing sales, now image doing it at the thrift level. Most of the off-season clothes are in the $1.50 bin meaning everything is a $1.50. Some of my greatest finds have come from that bin. A few winters ago I found a pair of Calvin Klein jean shorts that could not have fit me better; I slashed them into my favorite distressed shorts, and the rest is history. This past thrift haul I found 2 sweaters for Ugly Sweater Tuesday when school starts again. BOTH ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS! CRAZY


This sweater is cuter on a person than this mannequin.



What are some of your greatest thrift finds?

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon.


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