The Perfect Purse

Hello again style friends.

I have some very exciting new for you all. I have officially found my new purse. I have been searching for months for a purse I could carry with everything, BUT It had very specific criteria to meet, and this purse has met it all. I thought I found the purse back in December at Target, but that only lasted less than a month. I was super disappointed, and decided I would not buy another cheap purse that I didn’t love, so I have been on a hunt since then and I was determined to find the perfect purse.

First: quality. It was a must must must.
Next: neutral. It had to go with all my outfits because in the morning before school I’m busy and I don’t have time to change my purse everyday.
Third: different. I didn’t want a purse that everyone else would have. It had to stand out in some way.
Fourth: Possibly the most important. It had to have double straps. A long crossbody handle for school, and a short handle for when I want to feel fabulous.

And here is the purse that meets my high standards from ShoeMint.
First: It’s from ShoeMint so you know it’s good.
Two: Black always matches everything.
Three & Four: The laser cut pattern on it makes it stand out, and it has 2 straps!
It is a little pricey, but since I don’t need it right away I’m hoping it goes on sale or I will just have to treat myself at the end of summer to a new back to school purse with the 20% off new customers get on their first order. Don’t forget to check out some of their shoes because they are hot right now. And I kinda want them all.

the perfect purse

Tote bag

Tote bag

Tote bag

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