How-to Make Money Shopping

Hello style people.

As said yesterday, I’m sharing my secret places to make money with my old clothes. It’s super secret, pay close attention. Are you ready for it?


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Haha. I fooled you. All you do is bring your unwanted clothes to your local Plato’s Closet (they are located in every state) and they look through them. It normally takes about an hour depending on the day go, I always go to Olive Garden while I wait, when you return they offer you CA$H for the clothes they want to buy. They accept everything from clothes to sunglasses sometimes even books and lotions. It does have to be fairly recent, in good condition, and a name brand like AE, A&F, Buckle and so on. But it is the easiest way to make money.

I bring my clothes there at least 2 times a year, and I always get a fair amount for the clothes I bring in. One time in going through my closet I had 2 buckets full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I received $125 for about a buckle of my stuff, then I took it to another Plato’s closet in a different town and received another $75 for the items the first one didn’t want. It was my best trip in going there, but I did have a lot of stuff for them.

There are other places to go like local resale shops to sell your clothes, but I prefer to go to stores that give you cash on the spot. Some don’t; they instead give you cash when the item sells in their store. But then you get a few dollars here, and there. I prefer to get my money all at one because then it’s time to hit the mall and go SHOPPING for new clothes with all the cash you just received.

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4 responses to “How-to Make Money Shopping

  1. I have never done that well at the Plato’s closet near me! The best I’ve gotten is $11 for like, five items. But ours is VERY popular and carried everything from Steve Madden to VS PINK and I’ve seen a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac for like, $70. But you must have sold a ton of stuff!

    • sorry to hear that. I always do good when I go there, but I don’t really like to shop at the one I give too because I feel like I’m just buying back my old stuff. I always too have buckets of clothes to bring them.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I never do well. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than $10. But once they did pay me quadruple what I originally paid for a scarf. (A scarf I bought for a dollar…)

    • Well that scarf story is exciting. Sorry you don’t get a lot of money there, another person commented and said the said the same thing. I normally bring a lot, lot, lot of clothes. I think they only pay a couple dollars per item. Thanks for the comments!

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