Spring [closet] Cleaning

Hello style friends.

Today I have a post I have been dying to write for months. But there was a lot of heavy lifting involved so it had to wait until summer break. And I started the first day of break, and am finally ready to share. It’s how-to clean your closet, and get rid of everything that “is out” as Heidi would say.


5 Simple Tips/Steps to help
1. Have an idea of your style. Going from high school to college, and even just in the past year my style has changed completely; a lot of clothes just weren’t my style anymore. If it helps cut outfits out from magazines that define your style.
2. Take everything out of your closet or at least every category of item ie shoes, shirts, dresses, shorts, purses, and so on. It helps to see everything in front of you, so you can eliminate what doesn’t belong.
3. Don’t rush the process. We all probably have a million and one pairs of shoes, and just looking through them and purging what doesn’t fit might be enough for one day. It’s a lot to go through, and in one day it might be too overwhelming.
4. I know sometimes it’s hard to get rid of clothes. If you’re having that problem FIRST consider the last time your wore that shirt. Was it in high school? Then it’s probably time to get rid of it. SECOND ask a friend or mom. Mom’s always know best. They will tell you how it honestly looks on you and if you should keep it.
5. After everything is back in its place, just take a quick look through it again to make sure the items in different categories match.


Check back tomorrow for where to take your unwanted clothes to turn it into needed cash (for NEW SHOES).

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon.


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