Vintage Shopping

Hello style people,

long time no talk. I finished up my second year of school, and updated my blog with a new name and new look. Do you like?

Yesterday, I went shopping… vintage shopping to be exact, one of my favorite types of shopping. I love trying on old clothes, I could have stayed there all day styling everything in the store. There are some things you need to remember when shopping vintage, though.

First grab everything you like. It’s fun to try on, and you might need to try on more clothes than normal to find ones you like, and that fit.
Second don’t be upset if things don’t fit. It’s not you, it’s the clothes.
Seond and a half also don’t be upset if you have to go up a couple sizes. It’s the clothes, not you.
Third be aware of washing instructions. Some clothes might be dry clean only.
Fourth be aware of the materials the clothes are made of. Polyester was less breathable then, than it is now.

Some pictures of our vintage trip.

Ribbet collage

Ribbet collage1

Ribbet collage3

Ribbet collage4

And what I bought.


pic2 This blouse is perfect for the summer. From the 1960’s. $15


pic4 I adore the collar on this blouse from the 1970’s. Originally $15, half off with other blouse paid $7.

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon.



2 responses to “Vintage Shopping

  1. That black and white shirt is divine!

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