Hello style friends.

Long time, no talk. SCHOOL IS CRAZY! But I am taking a break from it to chat with you about some fashion. I have an outfit for you today. This shirt is probably one of my favorite shirts. First because it’s so simple (and trendy). Two because it has a very stylish and has a comfy fit. Trois because I bought it at a thrift store for like $4.

Now for some styling. I started with shirt.. obviously. Paired it with some black skinny jeans. I choose coated skinnies to make a little more trendy. Threw on my favorite black booties to dress it up a bit. To finish it off I added a choker necklace Steven bought me for Valentine’s Day one year. It’s amazing, and I’m so obsessed with these type necklaces right now. My collection is up to 3. One from Steve, one from my mom, and from Goodwill.



I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tuck in any and everything that is slightly too big. It’s so stylish, and you won’t drown in your top because it shows off your figure more.


Top: $4 Thrifted//Jeans: $30 American Eagle Similar//Booties: $60 Baker’s

Thanks for be here talk to you soon, rae


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