Winter to Spring

Hello style people.

The second post of the day is another way to spruce up your old unwanted clothes for spring. I am obsessed with sleeve-less shirts right now. They are perfect to wear in the summer and spring by themselves or wear them as a layer in the winter and fall because the sleeves won’t bunch up under the other layers.

In my closet there has been a long-sleeved button up from Goodwill hanging there for months now. I finally decided to try cutting off the sleeves to make it something I want to wear.

Let’s do it.



Step 1- lay the shirt out on a flat surface


Step 2- cut the sleeve off near the seam leaving about an inch of the sleeve fabric


Step 3- cut on the outside of the sleeve seam getting as close to the seam as possible

DONE! Here’s how mine turned out. Remember to send my any pictures of your diy’s to raesstyle(at)



Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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