DIY Day 1

Hello style people.

Today is day 1 of my DIY week. There are two diy’s for you today because I didn’t get home in time from Chicago to blog yesterday. Both are simple diy’s that I did to update old clothes for the spring.

First a scarf. I went through my closet months ago, and got rid of everything I didn’t wear anymore. I took the buckets (yes there were buckets of clothes) to Plato’s Closet. But I still had a bucket left over so I went through it to see what I could diy to make new again. First thing I noticed was a scarf that I really loved the pattern of, but got rid of it because I didn’t like how it hung.


To make it new again, I transformed it into an infinity scarf which I love and are very popular right now. It was super easy and took me about 2.5 minutes to update. Here’s how. I just put the right sides together, and sewed a straight line along the edge.



DONE and now I have a new scarf, perfect for spring.


Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.


PS. If you try any of these DIY’s I would love to see how they turned out and share them on the blog. Email me a picture at raesstyle(at)


2 responses to “DIY Day 1

  1. I did this to a couple of scarves in my closet, too! Except, I went a little OCD and sewed way more than I needed to. You can read about it on my blog. =) ~M.

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