Thrift Trip List

Hello style people.

As you all probably know, and are sick of hearing I’m going to CHICAGO TOMORROW! There are no words to describe how excited I am. The majority of the trip we will be shopping thrifting. Typically when I go to new stores I get a little over excited and starting trying on and buying (that’s the real problem) ANY and EVERYthing I see that I somewhat like in that moment. Not thinking about what my wardrobe needs at all. This typically leads to shopping regret, and me donating two boxes of clothes and other junk to Goodwill faster than I bought it. To this that does not happen, one because I can’t afford to waste my money and two because I don’t want to regret this shopping trip, I made a beautiful, colorful list of items my wardrobe would love to invite in. And I plan to have this list with me the entire trip.

Here’s The List.


I’m not bringing my laptop along so I won’t be posting again til Monday, but you can follow me on instagram to see live photo updates of my finds. I will post a haul of the trip when I come back. AND next week starting Monday, I’m doing a DIY-It Week. There will be at least one DIY per day through Friday.

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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