Funky Floral

Hello style people.

Spring break is less than 1 day away! yay. I can’t wait to go thrifting in Chicago. Double yay. Today, though, I have an outfit for you. Triple yay.

I had a presentation and an interview today so I wanted/need to look nice, and whenever I ned to look nice for something I reach straight for my blazers. To stay stylish, I wore my funky floral blazer from Kohl’s. Then went for the pants, and decided on these black pant things. They aren’t jeans, but they aren’t really leggings. I thought they were more classy than jeans for an interview. You can decide for yourself what they are. I needed a plain white top to lighten, color and weight wise, my outfit a bit. I went with a lightweight white sweater because it was really nice outside today and a lightweight knit gave me some air flow. Then I zipped up my black booties, and went to class.

About the blazer. I-my mom- bought this blazer at Kohl’s (ON CLEARANCE). I tried on just about every size of this blazer they had. At first I grabbed a six because that’s what I typically am. But I ended up going two sizes up because I wanted the fit to a little looser, and more of the boyfriend style. So even though this particular blazer wasn’t meant to be boyfriend, I just went a few sizes up to make it that way.

Here’s the look.




Outfit Details
Sweater: Younkers $15
Blazer: Kohl’s less than $15
Necklace: Vintage
Pants: Express $40
Booties: Baker’s $60

Check out how I styled this blazer a different way.

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.





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