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Hello style people.

Today I have an outfit for you! I was super lazy with my outfit yesterday so I wanted to be really creative with my outfit today. Before I explain though I have cool fashion news to share with you. I have officially started my internship and did my second window display Monday! It was so much fun. I forgot to take a picture translation- I didn’t want to stand outside in the cold for longer than I had to. I’m going back Monday to take some photos and I will be sure to share it with you. AND I am hopefully getting another/different internship next school year with the historic costume department at my school. I have a serious obsession with vintage… and shoes. DOUBLE AND in less than one week I will be on spring break… IN CHICAGO! Me and Steven are going thriftin’. I will blog the whole way.

Onto the outfit. First I started with the pants because these are my all times favorite ones. I wanted a neutral black top to go with it. Going through my closet, I noticed/remember I thrifted this awesome velvet sleeveless top this past summer and I haven’t worn yet. I grabbed that, then looked for a layering piece to go with. I had on a black cardigan to begin with, but it just didn’t look or feel right. I came back to room after my first class and changed it to a black blazer… much better. My black booties were the finishing touch.

Well… I lost my camera cord, meaning I probably left it at home, meaning you won’t be getting the visuals until tomorrow. But it won’t until late tomorrow night since I’m not going home til late tomorrow night. That will be the first thing I do when I get home though.
I do want you all to know I did make an effort to try to take pictures. I used my webcam, but they turned out very badly.





Outfit Details
Velvet top: thrifted $3
Blazer: Target clearance $8
Jeans: Urban Outfitters $30
Booties: Baker’s $60

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you tomorrow night with some pictures.


PS check out this cool Facebook page that I will be on soon.

pic5 pic7 pic2


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