Ugly Sweater Tuesday

Hello again style people.

I have another ugly sweater Tuesday for you today since it is Tuesday. The sweater featured in today’s outfit, I have been dying to wear. I bought it this past summer from a rummage sale for… $.25. Yes, a quarter. It is probably my best find EVER. This is my first time wearing it and I don’t know why. I truly do love it. It was just so much fun to wear.

As for styling. I started with the sweater. obviously. At first I was going to wear my high-waisted Levi’s, but they just didn’t look right when I put them on. I wish they would have been darker today, and my super high-waisted jeans for Urban Outfitter’s are not clean. Instead I opted for some dark jeggings because the dark looked better than lighter jeans. I rolled them up to make them crop pants, and grabbed another great thrift find of mine, black and cheetah print loafers.

UPDATE: One of my bff’s reminded me that Marc Jacobs had some Mikey Mouse pieces in his Spring 2013 Ready to Wear collection.

Now for some visuals.




Outfit Details
Sweater: Rummage $.25
Jeans: American Eagle $30
Shoes: Goodwill $4

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



3 responses to “Ugly Sweater Tuesday

  1. its so great that you got that sweater last summer. its like you knew Marc Jacobs was going to have Micky Mouse all over the runway 😉

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