Pops of Pink

Hello again style people.

I have another school outfit for you today. Spring just felt like it was here today. The sun is beaming down from the sky, all the snow is melting, and it is getting warmer outside. And next week we will probably have another blizzard. Not the point right now. The nice weather today inspired a fun spring outfit with lots of color.

I started with my floral print jeans from Urban Outfitters, and my black booties. I want to wear them as much as possible before it gets too warm and I have to put them away for the summer season. Looking through my closet I decided to shy away from black tops I would normally grab, and instead chose a pretty vintage cream-colored blouse. It felt very spring to me. Then to give it an extra pop of color, I played with the pink from the pants, and opted for my pink blazer. This blazer is like 3 years old, and I’ve worn it less than once, but I super love it now and will be wearing it lots this Spring.

The visuals.


pic3pic9Outfit Details
Top: Ragstock $3
Jacket: Kohl’s Chaps
Jeans: Urban Outfitters $30
Booties: Baker’s $60


Thanks for visiting, hope to see you soon. -Rae


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