The Perfect Shoe

Hello Style friends.

Last weekend or maybe two weekends I went shopping at my local mall to buy Steven a Valentine’s Day present. While shopping I of course had to stop in some of my favorite stores to check out the new merchandise. One of those stores is Aldo. I love all their shoes, it like heaven for me going in there.

One of the first shoes I noticed in the store were these gorgeous, low heeled shoes in three beautiful colors. I am obsessed with this heel height. I think it is a perfect height to walk in, and do just about anything in. You can wear them to school, to a party, or to a restaurant with your family. They also have the perfect shoe shape with the pointy toe that elongates any figure. And the colors they come in are to die. Black is a basic that everyone NEEDS. Taupe is another basic, and the color I want because they will match everything I own. Plus it’s a good color for Spring and Summer. Then there’s peach, and the internet picture does not do the peach color justice. It is a perfect peach color. And will either make your entire outfit pop, or go well with other Spring colors. You need to go to the store, and see how beautiful this peach color is.

Speaking of not being depicted well, the whole shoe doesn’t look super cute in the pictures. I think they kinda like an old lady shoe on the internet, but you must trust me when I say these shoes are adorable in person.

The price is a little high for me. But Aldo always has great sales, and that’s what I’m waiting for. When they do I will be buying the taupe. At first I wanted them in every color because they are that perfect. But I already have black shoes similar to this. And I thought the taupe would match better in my closet than the peach would. Here’s the link.

I will be watching for the sale, and let you know when I buy them.

What do you think of them?


ALDO pointy toe shoes

ALDO pointy toe shoes

ALDO pointy toe shoes

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