Fashion Week Favorites

Hey style people.

I’m sorry I have been MIA this past week. I promise I’m not ignoring you. I had a project to do for a conference my school is going to this weekend, and I had less than a week to make it. On top of that, this is week that everything is due and next are all the tests. But I stayed up all last working on homework and getting caught up so I could blog for you again on a regular basis.

The regular basis will be starting Monday because this weekend I will be changing some stuff around with my blog. Nothing major and my content won’t be changing much either. I just want to get everything more organized. I also plan to change my URL name from to just .com. I will let you know exactly when I do that though.

Enought about me, let’s talk fashion. Today’s post is about New York Fashion Week if you couldn’t tell from the title. NY Fashion Week ended one week and one day ago. Sad. I wish it could be every week. I watched all the videos on YouTube and put together a list on my Top 19 favorites. Odd number, but that’s just how I am. I want to say first though that I loved just about every collection I saw, clothes to me are beautiful even if they’re not. These next 19 videos are my favorites and reflect more of my personal taste and things I could see myself wearing.

Some trends that were evident in watching these videos are the colors black and white, leather, and furs.
The videos.

Why? I LOVE THE FUNKY PATTERNED COATS & BLAZERS. The use of bright colors being mixed. And the dresses because of their simplicity.

Why? The first piece really caught my eye with the gold and furs. It looks very rich and almost vintage-looking.

Why? I liked all the patterns used in the collection. It felt girly or whimsical, but at the same time there was grunge pieces being used like the beany hats, oversized coats, and leather. Also notice the leather leg warmers (I don’t know what else to call them) that go up past the knee on just about every outfit.

Betsey Johnson
Why? Because Betsey is amazing.

Why? The first outfit really caught my eye. But I really like the gowns mixed with the fur and leather.

Why? Black, black & white.

Why? Very futuristic and different from some other collections this fashion week.

 Why? Love the plaid pants, and the knits hats, and velvet purple jacket. A different combination of clothing. Something I could see my boyfriend wearing.

Why? Just because his name is fresh in my head from the collection he just did with Target. But I did really like the color palette. Mainly being black, white, and gray with red, and pops of blue and turquoise. As well as the chunky knits and leather. Also be sure to check out the belt!

Why? Because of the colors again. I really like the all black looks that lead into looks with black and brown.

Why? The prints are just beautiful.

Why? I heart Marc always.

Why? The holographic of some garments is very cool. Plus I love black and leather.

Why? Beautiful pieces.

Why? So funky, love everything about this.


Why? THe pink/red colors were so beautiful mixed with the red and white.

 Why? Because I love all her collections. Her clothes are always beautiful and cut to perfection. Plus more black & white.

Why? Black, white and red. What is more perfect and sexy than that? The graphics on the garments seem very street stylish.


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  1. Living in Vegas, I found this site by following a link from Twitter. Very Happy I did. Good topic, and great blog. Keep up the Wonderful Work.

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