Thrift Shop Labels

Hello style friends.

This past Saturday at my local thrift shop (St. Vinny), also known as my favorite thrift shop, there was a 50% off sale for all card members.  And you better believe I’m a card member, and was going to this sale. I spent 2 hours there and ended up with 3 things for myself and 1 for Steven. I had about 50 going into the fitting room… all label less.

I know one exciting thing about going to thrift stores is finding clothes at 90% off the regular price that are from your favorite stores. Especially because labels are cool, and make you feel cool when you’re wearing the latest and greatest. I went through that phase where all I wanted to buy were labels, labels, labels. In that phase I also probably wouldn’t have been caught dead at a thrift store. So happy that’s over. BUT one of my personal favorite parts of thrifting is finding those one of a kind pieces that are truly one of a kind. Usually those pieces are from labels you’ve never heard of. Some of them might be old companies that aren’t around anymore, or just stores you don’t typically go into because the store isn’t targeted toward you or really your style. The pieces I am typically attracted to are grandma labels, which is why I don’t see these pieces in-store. And I am completely fine with that.

Now I also have an opposite story from that. For awhile when I was a beginner thrifter, I would only look for labels I knew: Urban Outfitters, A&F, American Eagle, etc. I would get so excited to have found that label I wasn’t really thinking about the garment itself. Leading me to buy pieces I didn’t really love; therefore, didn’t wear. Making it a waste of money, but that’s a whole different story.

Moral of both stories: Next time you go thrifting don’t look at labels, just look at the piece itself.

This time around, like I said I had about 50 pieces to try on in the fitting room. I went through every rack of clothing in the store. I mostly kept my mind on the garment, not the label on the inside. I did find one piece from Urban Outfitters, and was excited at first but by the time I arrived at the fitting room I knew I didn’t like the piece and put it back. But I did end up with a few very cool items that I want to show you!

Photo’s please.




I fell in love with this beautiful lace.


No other time would I pay this much for a shirt unless it was 50% off day. Even then I almost put it back.







FASHION TIP: tying a maxi skirt in a 90’s knot can make an too full, too old skirt go from frumpy to fabulous.


Never heard of that.





Which is your favorite?
 Do you look for labels at thrift stores or just go with whatever?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.


PS. the last 2 pieces shown were both around $1.25.


2 responses to “Thrift Shop Labels

  1. The lace shirt is great and I love that skirt. I am not really a label hunter, but I do get a little happier when I find a brand name knowing that I saved even a little bit more on something familiar. 😉

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