Keepin’ Warm

Hello style people.

As promised, I have yesterday’s outfit for you today. Still going strong with my school challenge.

Yesterday I could not decide what to wear. When that happens I go for pieces I have worn in the past that I LOVE. I started with a white sweater. Then I knew I wanted to wear my mint Jeffrey Campbell shoes with it so I matched the rest of my outfit to those two pieces. The next piece I grabbed was my favorite DIY jacket because the sweater was thin and I need to be warm. Since that was the main focus, I opted for my simple skinny jeans. Then grabbed a cheetah scarf because you always need a little cheetah in your outfit.

Simple and easily recreated!

Now for some photo’s.

Ribbet collage





Outfit Details
Sweater: Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad
Jacket: DIY
Scarf: Fair Trade
Jeans: American Eagle $30
Shoes: Urban Outfitters Jeffrey Campbell $90

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.


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