Oodles of Knits

Bonjour style people.

I have another school outfit for you! It’s from Wednesday, but if you read yesterday’s post you know that school took over my life this week. After today’s post you will be all caught up. I also have some other news for you of why I was so busy this week. I AM AN INTERN! Yay my first internship, it’s at a fair trade boutique really close to my school, and I’m super excited. My first project will be helping make signs for the store telling about the designers of the merchandise. I will keep you informed on my intern journey.

Now for the outfit. I have normally been picking out my outfit the night before because I am not at all a morning person. All I can think about in the morning is going back to sleep, so it helps to have an outfit in mind when I start to get ready. For this one, I didn’t. I was running late too, and worried my combination of clothes wouldn’t look good together, but once I had it all on I LOVED IT. And looking back on it I wish I could wear it everyday because it is comfortable and cool, my two favorite words when wearing and picking out clothes.

I started with my high-waisted jeans because I have been dying to wear them. I just bought another pair of high-waisted jeans from UO that I am also dying to wear. I knew I wanted to wear my JC shoes with these jeans because they are cropped and I only have those one pair of flats at school right now. To match the shoes I had to keep my top half somewhat simple in my color palette. I started with a cream sweater, and a cream tank because the sweater is a very loose knit. Then I added a knit gray scarf for warmth, and topped everything off with a black leather jacket, to add the cool factor to my outfit.

And Voila.



Yes I’m wearing those little sock things because one it’s cold out and two I’m still breaking these shoes in.




I love the neutral color combination!

Outfit Details
Sweater: Younker’s
Tank: Aeropostale
Scarf: Hand Knit Christmas gift
Jacket: Nasty Gal $66
Jeans: Levi’s $58
Shoes: Urban Outfitters $90

What do you think?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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