Black, White, & Pop

Hello style stalkers.

Sorry this week has been a little weird. School really took over my whole life this week, I barely had time to sleep. My week is over now, and I am here to catch you up on my weekly outfits. Today’s post will be today’s outfit, and tomorrow’s post will be of Wednesday’s outfit.

For today’s outfit, I started with this adorable top my mom found for me at Dry Goods, and it was only $8. Then I grabbed my off-white cardigan for a neutral layer to keep me warm because I knew I wanted to wear some funky pants. At first I was going to wear my cheetah pants, but I decided to go for these black and white floral pants instead. There was no reasoning behind it was just because the cheetah pants would have looked just as cute. Then I zipped up my favorite black booties to finish off he looks. I have been dying to wear these; they are school cool and soooo comfy.

Now for the photo’s.





Outfit Details
Top: Dry Goods $8
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters $15
Pants: Urban Outfitters $30
Booties: Baker’s $60

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.


PS. Because I love Urban Outfitters to the moon and back, I wanted to share that they are having a SALE, all their BDG denim in $39!!!!!! Shop til you drop.


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