Hello fashion friends.

Today is my third day of school (no I don’t have class on Friday), and I have a third outfit for you! Resembling my outfit from Thursday, todays outfit also has its simple components. I bought this cardigan from Kohl’s in high school, I believe. I have always loved it, but hardly ever worn it because it was so funky and frilly, which made it hard to match with other pieces. Looking through the few clothes I brought to school with me I found the perfect top to go with it. A simple sleeve-less, nude colored button-up that would make the cardigan itself stand out perfectly. I then threw on one of my favorite pairs of jeans to keep it simple.

For shoes; however, I grabbed my never-worn gray corduroy booties. I bought them last year at Aldo on sale for about $40. I love love loved them when I bought them, but for some reason or another I never wore them. Then a few weeks ago when my friend, Meghan, was over I remembered just how cute they were when I suggested them to be paired with an outfit for one of our photo-shoots. What I really think makes them cool is the hidden wedge, which makes them super easy to walk in but gives them a more dress-up feel.

Onto the photos for today.






Ribbet collage

My accessories that I wear just about everyday, and never show you. But I purchased/received for Christmas some new stuff so I thought I would share.

Outfit Details
Top: TJ Maxx $12
Cardigan: Kohl’s Simply Vera Vera Wang
Watch: Present from Steven
Above the knuckle rings:
Purse: Target $20
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch $30
Belt: TJ Maxx- Betsey Johnson $10
Booties: Aldo $40

Do you have any pieces that sit in your closet for a year before you finally wear it?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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