Outfit: Playful Pants

heyhey fashion friends.

Since my boyfriend and I have been lazy bums for the past like week, we decided to do something today. Of course the first thing we thought of doing was go thrifting. I wanted to go Goodwill to see if they had any Target stuff, but he wanted to go to St. Vinny. So we went to both. First St. Vinny. I didn’t find any clothes, but he found a couple tops like always. Just some cute vintage button-ups. Then we got hungry so before Goodwill we went to Olive Garden. Yummmmmm. On the way there we saw a crazy driver either drunk or had a seizer. IDK, but I got to call 911. It was very exciting, and kinda scary. After that incident we ate, and then were on our way to the Goodwill. I did find one thing at Goodwill. A huge, chunky, ugly, black and white sweater, that I LOVE!

Check out the pics of my sweater, and outfit.


Goodness, I cannot wait to wear this.



I styled this outfit around the pants. Since they are kinda funky, I kept my top half simple by wearing black. Then I added my JC shoes to give the outfit a pop of color, and a pop or edginess.
Outfit Details
Top: H&M $12.95
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters $15
Jeans: Dry Goods (Free People) $52
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell $90

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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