Holiday Lookbook

Hey hey fashion friends.

Today I put together a few looks of what I might wear this holiday season. I didn’t really plan the color combination, but the three main colors I used were red, black, and nude/tan. I always like to have red in my outfits for the holidays because it’s just so festive. I put together 4 looks: one featuring the same dress 2 ways, one a little more fancy, and the other a bit more casual. I hope you enjoy the outfits, and use them as inspiration for your holiday season.

Look one features a dress I recently bought from H&M. It’s just a simple black dress that is perfect for layering. I layered a red Target sweater I thrifted this summer over the dress. Then paired it with my favorite cheetah coat to add a pop to the outfit. I also have on tights with a bit of a print on them; I wanted to wear black opaque tights with this outfits, but I seem to have left all my black tights at school. I kept it simple with the shoes, by adding my black booties. As for the purse, I grabbed my houndstooth bag from Goodwill to mix with the cheetah print.

Outfit Details
Sweater: Target from Goodwill $4
Dress: H&M $25
Cheetah Coat: Younkers $40
Tights: Kohl’s Simply Vera Vera Wang $3
Booties: Baker’s $60
Bag: Goodwill $.99





Look two is almost identical to the first look except I switched the red sweater to a red cardigan. I think this look is a little more edgy than the first one. It could be made edgier by adding a pair of combat boots rather than black booties. Personally I like this look better; it’s just more my style. The cardigan is from Urban Outfitters for $40



Look three features a top I just bought from Target. It’s from the Neiman Marcus collection. I had my eye on the top since the collection came out, but I didn’t want to spend $70 on a top from Target. Since the beginning of this week (I think) the collection has been on sale, 50% off to be exact. When I heard that I rushed to Target, and snatched that top before anyone else could. I really didn’t need to, there was a ton still there. I knew I wanted to wear this top sometime over this holiday season because even though it has a floral print it feels more winter than summer because of the colors used. I styled it with my red cardigan to add more festive-ness. Then added my black pants from Express to keep with fancy vibe of the top. To pull it all together I added my Missoni for Target heels.

Outfit Details
Top: Neiman Marcus for Target $35
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters $40
Pants: Express (about) $40
Heels: Missoni for Target from Goodwill $6.99
Bag: Thrifted $4




Look four is also a favorite. Actually I really like them all. This one is more casual, and more just a winter outfit than a holiday specific outfit. The top is also another one of my favorite tops right now. I thrifted it this past summer for like $4. It’s really an XL, but I love baggy oversized shirts; you just tuck them in and they fit. I paired the top with my black coated jeans from AE pulling the black from the shirt. Then added this furry vest to stay in the winter spirit. Last I just threw on my favorite black booties, again to stay with the black from the shirt and pants.

Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted $4
Vest: Kohl’s (about) $20
Jeans: American Eagle $30
Booties: Baker’s $60




Which outfit is your favorite?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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