Outfit: Friends

Hey fashion people.

I have a special post for you today… No it’s not about the end of the world. It’s an outfit of the night featuring my bf Meghan. We have been friends for just about ever. She as well as her style is amazing. The main colors she features in her outfits are black & brown at the moment. Parts of her wardrobe is thrifted just like any stylish person’s, and she isn’t afraid to take risks with them. I would describe her style as grunge incorporating pieces/styles of fashion’s past.

I absolutely adore her outfit from a few weekends ago. It features the original DIY bleached denim jacket. She paired it with a thrifted item she found at Goodwill originally from Rue 21. The outfit is so simple, yet is very unique. First, the denim jacket stands out on its own, but is still in style with current trends. Pairing it with an all black jumpsuit makes the jacket standout, but the jacket also helps the jumpsuit to stand out. The black shoes along with the jacket hitting right at the top of her hips makes her legs look miles long. The 70’s inspired wide legs on the jumpsuit brings in the styles from the past, also playing into the part of the long legs, and making the outfit unqiue considering skinny legs are the current pant style. And she tops it all off with a simple silver necklace.

It’s perfection, take a look…



Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.

What’s your favorite part of the outfit?



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