Outfit: Favorites

Hey, hey fashion family.

My boyfriend and I went out for lunch today, and then did a very little big of shopping at the mall. I wanted to dress up a little because I have literally been wearing t-shirts for the past week now. But we were just going to Applebee’s so I didn’t want to be too over the top. I knew instantly what I wanted to wear though, when I found out where we going, and they just both just so happen to be my 2 favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now.

They are, my DIY denim jacket, again I need to give my friend Meghan a shout-out for that, and my velvet boots. They are both very “of the moment” and look great paired together. Since both the pieces were loud on their own, I kept the rest of the outfit simple. I just threw on my favorite American Eagle dark jeggings, and a plain black top from H&M I bought a few months ago.

Here’s the outfit.




Outfit Details
Top: H&M $12.95
Jeans: American Eagle $30
Jacket: DIY $6
Velvet Boots: JCPenny $35

What are your favorite fashion pieces, right now?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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