Black Friday Sales

Hey, hey my fine fashionista’s
Like last week, I didn’t post yesterday so I’m posting twice today. And the second post of today, as you can tell by the title, is about Black Friday sales. I have complied a list for you of what I’m interested in buying or have bought on Black Friday and thought you might like this year. I just have a list from stores in my area. I must say I typically don’t shop for clothes (for myself) a lot on Black Friday because I believe they are the same price(ish) a couple of days before Black Friday and after the holiday season. I have learned that from working retail for 4 holidays. But I do love to go shopping for presents on Black Friday. This year I’m even shopping for my mom… Like she is giving me money, and I have to go get what she needs. You know someone should start a business like that. You would make a list of what you needed, and they would go find it and get it for you. Though it might defeat the purpose of getting it on-sale because you would have to pay someone to do the shopping.

Anyway let’s start the list, I will go in order of what time the stores open this year.

Walmart Starting at 8pm Thursday, then 10pm, then 5am
8pm: DVD’s $1.96, $4.96, $8.96 This is something I always look for on Black Friday because Steven and I love to watch movies, and they also make great last-minute gifts if you forgot about someone.
8pm: Better Home & Garden Plush blanket $15
10pm: 16GB flash drive $6.97 I think I might pick this up, I always lose my flash drives.
5am: No-slip hangers $9.97 30-pack I REALLY want to get these because I love hugable-hangers, and this is a crazy price for 30 hangers, but I don’t think I will be up at 5am since me and Steven are doing the late night shopping on Thanksgiving.

Target 9pm
Nikon L310 Digital Camera $99.99 This is an amazing deal if you need a new camera. The only thing is Target usually has a huge line to wait in. If you want the good deals on electronics you have to be there like 4 hours before the store opens.
DVD’s $1- &10 Again I love DVD’s.

Shopko 9pm Thursday til noon Friday
DVD’s 3.99-8.99 MORE!
Boot & Glove Dryer $16.99 I’m getting my dad this, just thought some of you might want to steal the idea for your dad.
Studio A 10-Drawer Cart $27.99 I see a lot of vloggers use these carts for their make-up, and if you were interested this is a pretty good deal. It comes in black or multicolored.
Conair Hair Care $14.99 I love Conair hair products. They had just about everything you could need for your hair at this price.
Jewelry Armoire $39.99 I bought an armoire from Target a few years ago, and love love love mine.
Spiral Tree $12.99 My parents were looking for a new one so I wrote it down.
Club Grand Microcuddle Sherpa Throw $19.99 Blankets are always a good present to give just about anyone.
Scarves $6.99 Who doesn’t love scarves. Get one for you and a friend.

Younkers Midnight- 1pm Friday
EMU boots $49.97 I already have boots, but I thought this was a great price and had to share.
Butterfly Chair $19.97 GAHHH These are so comfortable.
Sakroots smartphone case, tablet cover and zip-around wallet $19.97 These just looked pretty.
Crosley Lancaster entertainment center $79.97 I’m looking at this for my boyfriend for a Christmas presents. He already knows, don’t worry.

Kohl’s Midnight Thursday
Orville Redenbacher hot air popper $12.99 My mom’s getting me this for Christmas.
Massage and spa gifts from HoMedics & Conair $14.99 One of the items included is a foot bath, which I have been wanting forever, but never get around to buying. Maybe this year?
Apt 9 tights $5.99 Always good to stock up on, when they are on sale.
Boots for Juniors $19.99 CRAZY!
Boots for women $29.99 MORE CRAZY!
ps. don’t forget to use coupons at Kohl’s, we just received some in the mail today or Black Friday.


Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.


PS. What does everyone think of stores opening on Thanksgiving day this year?


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