Outfit: Girl with an Edge

Hey fashion people.
I have an outfit for you today. I had a little presentation in class yesterday, and had to look somewhat nice. I first choose my houndstooth blouse I bought at the thrift store a few weeks ago. Then to keep the outfit from just being another outfit, I paired the shirt with my coated jeans from American Eagle. That I love, and want to wear everyday. Added my booties and was off to class to present. “Yay,” she said sarcastically. When I got back to the room to make the outfit feel more my style I added my DIY bleached denim jacket. Then the outfit was perfect.

Some of you might be thinking does a denim half-bleached jacket really match a houndstooth blouse? To that I would say yes. It matches because there is one small, subtle pattern (houndstooth) and one big pattern (denim jacket). I also like to mix stuff that might not necessary go together. Like a feminine blouse, with a rough bleached denim jacket. I think it adds style to the look, and makes it something interesting to look at.

Camera Time.

How do you make your outfits more you?

Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted $4.99
Denim Jacket: $5 DIY
Coated Jeans: American Eagle $30
Booties: Bakers $60

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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