Velvet Styled 3 Ways

Hey fashion people.
A few hours ago I had to make a video for my blogging class; it was on here, but I deleted it because it didn’t turn out as expected. I had a feeling that it might not turn out so I took pictures of all my looks for you instead.

2 weeks ago my mom took me thrifting at St. Vinny in my home town, and I got a few things. Last week in my blogging class everyone had to choose one blog post to have the WHOLE class review. It was very scary, but helpful. I picked to have the class review my thrift haul post, and a few people suggested that I style some of the clothes I buy. I thought that was brilliant, because sometimes the stuff I buy doesn’t get worn for like say… a few months. Oops. I picked my favorite find from my thrifting adventure, and styled it three different ways. A school outfit. A day with the girls outfit. A date night outfit.

I picked… drum roll please, the velvet top. The reason is because velvet is typically considered a fancy fabric, something that would be worn to a fancy dinner party (if you go to those). But I like to play with fabrics, and wear them unexpectedly. And I must say looking at the pictures, my favorite outfit of the three is the school outfit. It was different, but yet SO SO comfortable. I felt I could wear that outfit from 10am – 10pm.

Velvet Top: St. Vinny Thrift Store $4

Enough chit-chating. Let’s see the outfits.

First the School Outfit.

The velvet top was a smidge shorter than I would prefer. To make it so I wouldn’t have to be pulling at it every 5 minutes in class, I paired it with my high-waisted Levi’s. Again to keep the outfit school-friendly I threw on my half-bleached denim jacket. I thought my outfit looked sort of 80’s maybe 90’s so I finished the outfit with these awesome studded shoes I found at Goodwill for $3.99.

Outfit Details
Jacket: Goodwill $4.99- DIY
High-waisted Jeans: Levi’s Outlet $54
Shoes: Goodwill $3.99

Second the Girls Day Outfit

I bought these jeans a couple of weeks ago at American Eagle for $12.99! I debated buying them, when they were full price, but since I thought they might be hard to style and not match a lot I waited until they went on sale. The jeans are obviously the focal point of the outfit seeing as their purple polka-dot pants. But I thought adding the velvet top was a cute twist. The velvet dressed up the outfit a little to make it appropriate for going to lunch, but was still comfortable enough to spend the day shopping in. I had to keep the rest of the outfit neutral so I added my black blazer, and kept on my black shoes to match the black in the top.

Outfit Details
Blazer: Target $12
Jeans: American Eagle $12.99
Shoes: Goodwill $3.99

Third the Date Night Outfit

A simple all black outfit with a twist. The twist being the velvet top. The top inspired me to play with textures in this outfit. I first added my coated jeans from American Eagle. Then my suede booties to dress up the look. And last my black blazer again to polish off the look, and make it appropriate for dinner. Because there was a lot of texture going on I kept everything black to match the top.

Outfit Details
Blazer: Target $12
Pants: American Eagle $30
Booties: Bakers$60

How would you style this velvet top?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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