Outfit: Ugly Sweater Tuesday

Hello fashion friends. How is your week going?
Today I have an outfit for you. Yay!

Do you ever have those days where you feel like looking cute, but just want to be comfortable. Well today was that day for me. And when I have those days I turn to my ugly sweaters. And by ugly I mean cute. They are so comfy because they are worn in, and they hang just right on your body making you look oh so cute. They are easy to move in, and you can cuddle up with them in class. Plus they are so easy to style. Just throw the sweater on, and some jeans or leggings, a cute pair of boots, and your off to class. It really is the perfect sweater.

I especially love the ones that are 2 size too big. Today’s sweater that I wore is an XL. The best ones are always found at thrift stores because they are one of a kind and you know they came from an actual grandma, which makes them that much more special. They are always the real inexpensive ones because they are from an old label that may not even exist anymore. Yes thrift stores look at labels when pricing. And as I always say the uglier the better.

 I also love love love to steal my boyfriends cardigan’s. He always get’s mad when I take them, but they just fit so darn well I can’t help myself. Plus he has about a bazillion of them, what does it matter if one or two is missing?

Onto the ugliness.

Outfit Details
Ugly Sweater: Thrifted $6
Jeans: Express
Boots: Kohl’s

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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