October Challenge- Success

Hello again, fashion lovers.
How was everyone’s weekend?

Today I have a short post for you. Last month I decided to start The Challenge because I needed a creative and (somewhat) “fun” way to save my money. October was the first month I started this, and I am happy to report back that it was a success. I bought two things from Target toward the beginning of the month: a pair of shoes and BB cream.

I must tell you, though, my mom took me shopping a couple of times, which made it a little easier. Now I personally don’t think that is cheating because the whole point of this a way to help me save my own money, but she thought it was so I thought I had to tell you.

Now onto the fun stuff… what I bought.

First thing I found at Target was of course SHOES! I always check out the shoes first, and always find a million pairs that I love. My friend bought these awhile ago, and I thought they were adorable. When I saw them on sale for $13, I knew I had to get them. They were a steal since they are knock-offs of the Dolce Vita’s which cost a few hundred dollars.

The second thing I knew I was going to get, it was actually the reason I went to Target in the first place. I found a coupon and free sample in my magazine for this Garnier BB Cream. I know it’s like the new big thing in make-up, and since there was a free sample I decided to try. And I really liked it. It went on really smoothly, and covered up everything I wanted covered. Plus it didn’t feel very thick on my face, which was the big reason why I liked it so much. The price, which is pretty reasonable considering the amount of make-up you get, is $9.99. My coupon was for $1, so it was only $8.99. If your in the market for some new make-up I would recommend this, but first go through your magazines to see if you can find any samples or coupons for it.


Hope you are doing well with your spending.

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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