DIY DAY: You’re a Stud

Bonjour, Fashionistas.
It’s finally Friday! And I am so glad to go home, and have a relaxing weekend.
What are you weekend plans?

Today, I wanted to show you a project I started last weekend, when I was bored sitting home, procrastinating my homework. I finished them yesterday, and am very excited to show you how I made them. It’s pretty simple, it took me a total of maybe an hour and half at most.

First what you will need:

Studs. Mine as you can see from the picture are Standard English77 in Silver from They were around $5 plus shipping, but a bag of 100 will be plenty for this project and about 5 more projects. I studded a denim jacket using larger studs from, and the larger ones are easier to work with. I think they have more of a point to them, which makes it easier to push them into the fabric. For this project I thought smaller ones would look better, but it’s up to you what size to use, just know that the smaller ones are a tad harder to work with.

Scissors or a Knife. I used a butter knife last time, but I was too lazy to run all the way downstairs to grab a knife so I settled for the scissors in my room. This is used just to push the prongs on the studs down. And shorts. Because we need something to put the studs on.


Now the How-To:

First: Pick a spot, and push your stud through. Like I said earlier the smaller studs are harder to work with, BUT after the first few studs you get the hang of it, and it will just get easier as you go.

Second: Take your scissors or butter knife, and push the prongs down. Make sure they are going down, almost so it looks like they are going in to the fabric. That way it won’t poke you.

Third: Repeat steps one and two until you get the pattern you want. I started thinking I was going to stud the whole side, but doing it I just decided I liked the way it looked with just the corner studded. You can certainly do the whole side or stud the entire shorts if that’s what floats your boat.
Last: When you get the pattern you like, you are done. This is my final product, and I love the way the shorts turned out! Hope you love yours as much.

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.


PS. I would love to see your DIY’S. You can share them in a comment below.


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