Outfit: The Layered Look

Hey fashion friends. How is everyone’s week going?
The weather, where I’m from, is getting colder by the day. In the spirit of this cold weather, I want to show you how to stay warm and still look cute.

First the full look, then I’m going to break it down so you can achieve it too!

First start out with a basic sweater, and a pair of pants or jeans. I also added a tank top under my sweater because it was a little short, and I didn’t want my tummy to stick out when I lifted my arms. The sweater I’m wearing I bought this past summer at a thrift store, and the pants are from Express. They aren’t jeans, but they aren’t leggings or jeggings either. I would call them a thick jegging/legging. So a jelegging maybe?

Then we have to add the accessories because accessories are the best part of any outfit. I started with this necklace I bought from H&M. I thought it was going to be on sale for $4, but at the register guess how much it was? Only $1, I love it when that happens! Don’t you? Then I added my favorite cheetah scarf, and tied it a little differently so you could still see the necklace.

Now for the final touches. I threw on my light-weight denim jacket to give the look a more relaxed, not-so-preppy feel, and my new all time favorite booties! The jacket is from American Eagle, and it’s literally 3-4 years old. I loved the denim mixed with the texture of these jeleggings. If you’re in the market for a denim jacket like this or even a thicker one GO TO GOODWILL or any thrift store. They always have a million and one denim jackets. It might take a couple of trys to find one that fits you, but I promise you, you will find one. And it just so happens that when you find that one, you find like 5 others that day that fit perfectly

I also added my favorite rings, and watch that I wear everyday, grabbed my purse and was ready for class.

And some pictures just for fun!

Outfit Details
Sweater: Thrifted $4
Tank: Aeropostale
Denim Jacket: American Eagle $15
Necklace: H&M $1
Scarf: Fair Trade item $10
Pants: Express $50 (the second pair was half off)
Booties: Bakers

How is everyone’s fall fashion’s going?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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