Finding your Store

Bonjour Fashion Friends. How was all your weekends? Good I hope.

My weekend was fabulous also. I went to my school’s Halloween dance Thursday night, watched Magic Mike Friday night, volunteered, went thrifting, and babysat Saturday night, and relaxed with the boyfriend on Sunday.

Today I’m here to talk about the thrifting I did this weekend. My mom took me shopping at my all time favorite thrift store, St. Vinny. Though after this haul, I’m not sure it’s my favorite anymore. It seems the prices at thrift stores are going up on all the good merchandise. Like they know what brands we want; and therefore, mark them up a dollar or two. And in thrifitng a dollar or two makes a HUGE difference.

But enough complaining, let’s get to the real point. Finding your favorite thrift store.
I have been thrifting for about 3 years now, maybe four and I would finally call myself a pro. I know the good stores in my area, and the sale days for each store. I also know where to find each stores coupons. All that takes time so let’s first focus on where to find a good thrift store.

Tip 1 It’s my personal opinion that little local thrift stores are the best. Ones that aren’t corporate chains and don’t have more than one maybe two stores. Even stores that you would not expect to have good clothes, have the best stuff.

Example: I went to a store called Second Time Around two weekends ago not expecting to find a lot because it mainly has kids clothes and toys, but they did have some very cute purses and other fashion trinkets, AND best of all they were super inexpensive! Only $2.50 for a purse where at Goodwill I assure you would have cost me $5. They also had a clearance rack where everything was under $2. I didn’t have a lot of money so I only got the purse, but needless to say I will be visiting them again very soon.

Tip 2 Some stores you visit, you might have really high hopes for, but they fall flat. The store is nothing what you expected and they just sell crap. It’s okay, just move on to the next store. It’s all part of your journey in finding your perfect store. And trust me it will happen.

Example: This past summer my friends and I went to a city-wide rummage sale. We woke up super early to get there when it first started, and we all had a pocket full of cash ready to spend it all. We thought it would be the best rummage we ever went to, and we would get some great deals because we heard it was a rich city. WE WERE WRONG. I found two things. The first was a Sex and the City trivia game for $3. The lady told me it was brand new, but after I got to car I found the Goodwill sticker still attached. The second was a pair of tights for $1. I was so disappointed. My boyfriend and I went home before my other friends to take a nap.

Tip 3 With chain stores you might find one you like in one town that you don’t like in another. Even at Goodwill.

Example: Steven and I went an hour north one day to visit a Goodwill and some other thrift stores in a different city to find a bunch of crap that was way overpriced. The selection was small, and if I did find something I liked it typically was about five times more than I was willing to pay.

Another Example: I was talking with Diane from Lipstalk about thrift stores, and I said I shop at St. Vinny a lot in my hometown because I literally always have a cart full of clothes that I find, and everything is decently priced. But she said she has visited St. Vinny here, where we go to school, and she never finds anything.

Tip 4 Visit all and any stores you think might be good. That is the only way you will find your store. And if your into vintage clothes like me, visit antique stores & estate sales. You never know what you might find.

The best part of thrifting is searching.

Have you had any good or bad thrift store experiences?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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