This past weekend, I went Goodwillin’ with my boyfriend because he needed new clothes for a family picture and I needed clothes for my Halloween costume. If you are in need of a Halloween costume please check out Goodwill before you pay those ridiculous prices for a new costume.  I did find some other things while searching for my costume, and I thought you might enjoy them so I’m going to share what I bought.

My boyfriend had a 25% off coupon because it was his birthday month, so he paid for everything including my stuff. We normally go back and forth with who pays at thrift stores since it’s always really inexpensive. Also I spent my $25 this month from The Challenge, and I will be posting what I bought soon!

Thrift Store Finds

Shopping Details without coupon
Shoes: $4.99
Top: $4.99
Cardigan Sweater: $3.99

Do you have any recent fabulous finds at thrift stores?

Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.


ps. Check out this blog post
I hope your as excited as I am!


4 responses to “Goodwillin’

  1. Those shoes are amazing!
    I went yesterday with a few friends, and had myself a little shopping spree.
    (And at Good Will a shopping spree is like, $35.00! ^___^)

  2. Nice pictures! 🙂 Lovin the sweater! ❤

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