What’s in my Purse?

It’s been three years since I purchased this bag. I bought it at an H&M sale; it was in a big bin labeled $15 by the register. It was an impulse buy, but my best one yet. I always dig it out my closet when school starts because it’s perfect for throwing everything in, hanging by my side, being stylish, and always matching my outfits.

The inside; however, is not as cute as its outside appearance.

The lining on the bottom has spots on it from who knows what.
There are 2 plastic bags floating around. One is for school supplies and the other for purse essentials. I did this to try to keep my purse organized, but rarely ever do the things belonging in each bag stay there for than a couple hours a day.
My school supplies bag contains pens, pencils, posit’s, highlights, and a Snapple cap (I collect them).
The other Ibuprofen, E.O.S.chapstick, and gum.

Then there’s my teal wallet clutch. I have also had that for about three years. It’s from Pacsun. I bought it because I was carrying around a childish wallet with purses on it. I thought it was time to step it up. So I did.
The wallet clutch is filled with about a thousand store cards, a debit card, and my new pink initialed credit card, my triple A card (in case I need roadside assistance), and 2 gift cards one to Sephora and one to Starbucks (which I’ve for about 3 years as well). There’s also a million and one receipts, some cash, and my checkbook (that I never use).
I also have gloves in my purse with an R bedazzled on each glove left in there from this weekend.

Just 2 more things.
My cell phone which is either in my purse or typically in my hand
And my 500lb key chain, which yes does actually contain some keys.


Thanks for visiting,
hope to see you soon.



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