DIY: Tie-Dye Bleached Denim Jacket

Sunday night I was super bored, and when I’m bored I tend to either sleep or do something weird and creative. Lucky for you, I did something weird and creative! I busted out the bleach and grabbed an old, boring, plain denim jacket and went to work.

Now before we get started I need to give my friend, Meghan, a shout-out because this was completely her idea. I actually borrowed her jacket a couple weekends ago when we went out, and loved it so much I just had to make one for myself.

Let’s Get Started…

What you will need is:
1. Denim Jacket I recommend buying a jacket from the thrift store in case you make a mistake you can just throw it away and not worry about it costing you. Both of mine were bought from thrift stores for about $5-7 each.
2. Bleach
3. A bucket
4. Rubber bands (though my friend did it without rubber bands)

First: lay your jacket out flat and rubber band the part you want to bleach. We only did half of the jacket, but you can easily do the whole thing.

Second: Mix some bleach with water. I would say add more bleach than water; I have found that works the best. Also I would suggest doing this in the bath tub or outside in case something would spill, splash, or drip.

Third: Put your rubber banded jacket in your bucket of bleach. In the pictures I am trying to tie-dye bleach the whole thing, but if you only want half of your jacket bleached like the one I did Sunday then only put half the jacket in the bleach.

Fourth: WAIT. This is my third time bleaching denim. The first time we checked on it every 7-10minutes for about an hour plus because we weren’t sure how long it would take. Second time I tried to tie-dye bleach a whole denim jacket and left it in there for 20minutes checked on it, and left it in there for another 20 or so minutes and it was almost completely bleached. Needless to say I will not be wearing that one (scroll to the end to see the pictures). The third time I sat in the bathroom literally watching the denim fad for an hour. I did eventually get my computer to occupy my time. So my recommendation would be to check on your jacket every 10minutes just to be sure you don’t over bleach it. Remember you can always let it sit longer you cannot; however, take away the bleach.

Fifth: Take your jacket out the bleach once you are satisfied with the results and dump the bleach down the drain, then rinse out your jacket with water. I have always let mine dry before I put it in the washer/dryer, but if you have time after you should wash your jacket (probably by itself) to make sure all the bleach is out. That way you won’t take off your jacket mid-way through class and find your shirt is half bleached too. No that has not happened to me yet.

Sixth: WEAR IT! You know you look hot in that one of a kind jacket you just made, so wear it. And if you want post your pictures below, I would love to see how they turned out.

This was the first jacket I made, as you can see it didn’t turn out quite like I expected.

The newest addition to my denim family. I love the way it turned out, and hope you love yours too.

Thanks for visiting,
See you soon.



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