My Top 5 Back to School Essentials

Guys. I am already moved in and back to school. Although I don’t start classes for another week, I know now is the time most of you are back to school shopping. I made a list of my top 5 essentials for back to school and where you can find them at reasonable prices.
1. Stock up on the basics. Weather you wear cami’s under everything, you like to layer with T’s and long sleeves, or you need some new accessories to spice up your old clothes, now is the time to buy lots.

Cami’s: Forever 21 has lots of cami’s in numerous colors as well as the basic nude, black, and white. Another place to look is Aeropostale; they always have a surplus of cami’s in every color popular for the season as well as basic neutrals.
T-Shirts: Again Forever 21 is the place to go for comfortable, cute basic shirts that work perfect for layering. I also wear Hanes men’s t-shirts a lot. They can also be used for layering and are really inexpensive at Wal-Mart.
Long-Sleeves: Forever 21 should again have you covered for long sleeves. I also find really good deals on long sleeves at thrift stores. This isn’t a guarantee that you are going to find the color you like, but it’s worth a shot.
Accessories: Whenever I make an online purchase, I always look at the sale accessories because you can usually find really inexpensive items that don’t make a huge difference when ordering. My favorite online store to do that with is Urban Outfitters; they can have some crazy good sales. Another place always to look too is thrift stores. They always have weird, one of a kind jewelry.


2. Cardigans. Cardigans are the most worn piece in my closet. They are perfect for back to school in the fall and spring because you can just layer them over t’s and tanks, and in the winter you can add a thicker jacket over the cardigan for a cute layered look that’s always warm. Plus they are so easy to move in.
My go to place for cardigan would def. be H&M. They are so comfortable and only $19.95, and they come in all the basic colors that one would need. Another favorite cardigan of mine came from Urban Outfitters it was a little pricey at $39, but it is my most worn cardigan. But just about every store that you shop at now should have cardigans.


3. Hot new pair of shoes. It is my personal belief that everyone needs to get at least one new pair of shoes for back to school. This year I think ankle boots will be really popular. They are boots with a low chunky heel that hit at your ankle. Wear them with jeans tucked in or skirts/dresses with tights for fall and winter.
I bought a pair on sale at the beginning of summer at Baker’s for $60. I have also seen them at Kohl’s, and if your signed up for their coupons you could get a good deal or my friend bought 2 pairs from Target this season.


4. Jeans. Jeans are perfect for school because they are so comfortable, they go with everything, and they can be dressed up or down. This year in particular high-waisted jeans are in. 
My favorite places to get jeans for back to school are Abercrombie & Fitch; they had a major sale on jeans when I went B2S shopping and I scored a pair for only $35. Another favorite store of mine in Levi’s, I especially like going to the outlet because they obviously have better prices. This year I bought a pair of high-waisted Levi’s on sale for $54.
5. Go with everything jacket. A go with everything jacket would be a jacket that you can wear with literally any outfit. It’s in a neutral color and maybe even a size too big in order to fit all the layers in the winter. This year studded denim jackets are in, or an anorak in an olive color.
I chose the studded denim jacket. They can be pretty pricey and/or hard to find so I DIYed mine. It cost me a total of about $12 plus about 2 hours time to put it together. If you want to go for the anorak, I have seen them at Forever 21 for a very reasonable price.
Thanks for visiting,
Hope to see you soon.


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