Exploring: Vintage Finds

Hello everyone. The other day I went to this ole time village in my town that I have never actually been to before. I brought my camera along just to take a few pictures of everything, but there was a ton of interesting items and places that had to do with fashion I thought you might enjoy.
This was really exciting for me because recently I have been studying fashion throughout the decades because I would really like to get a job at a local vintage store sometime in the future. I also love just about anything vintage. The places I went to dates back to the late 1800’s.
I’m going to show you the pics. in the order that I went through the village and give you as much information as I can about each picture.
 Just a random house with a super old coat. I’m sure this is made of some type of real fur.
 Another coat in a little better condition hanging by the bed, again I’m sure this is made out of real fur.
 Just us on a very uncomfortable, but unique looking bench.
This was way cool. It’s what they used to take off their shoes. Let me try to explain. It reminds me of a huge bug with antenna’s, so that’s what I’m going to use to try to explain in. See the body of the bug is what they put one foot on while they put the other foot’s heel in the antenna’s and slipped the shoe right off. Does that make sense?
 Just some old irons that are made of iron. They had to heat them up on the stove to get them hot before ironing.
 A washing machine. To be honest I’m not really sure how this works. If you do know leave a comment down below; I would be interested in hearing about it.
 A hat hanger right by the front entrance. I’m more fascinated with the hats on it; I adore vintage hats.
These aren’t original, but they did have beautiful lace curtains in the house back when they lived in it.
 These shoes were just in a glass case randomly placed with other random things. I went to a dress store later where you’ll see more shoes so keep scrolling.
 A beauty salon.
 The other side of the beauty salon. We weren’t allowed to go in here so these are the best shots I could get from the doorway.
 A conductor uniform in a very brightly painted train. The outside of the train was red.
 This is the dress shop and my favorite building to visit!
 SHOEEESSS! What is more fabulous than shoes…
…Maybe hats. I think we should bring back hats. If we all start wearing hats than everyone around the world will again. Who’s with me?
 More hats; my favorite is the pink one!
 This I found very cool.
Vintage beaded purse.
My exploration has ended.
I hope you enjoyed this post,
See you soon.

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