DIY DAY! Studs

Yesterday my friend came over after work and we have a DIY day. She needed to take in an amazing Pink Floyd bowling shirt, and I needed to finished studding the shoulder on my denim jacket. I as going to film my DIY, but I decided there were already plenty videos of how-to stud. I thought you would enjoy pictures just as much.
Denim Jacket. I thrifted mine from Goodwill for $4.99.
Studs. I ordered 400 studs from for only $20 because I know I will be doing more projects soon. The specific studs I used for my jacket cost $5 for 100 of them. I used a total of about 90 to do both shoulders.
And last a knife or something similar to push the prongs on the studs down. This butter knife worked really well.
 1. Place the stud on your jacket where you want, and push in. Flip to the underside of the denim to make sure both prongs are in all the way.
 2. Use your knife to push both of the prongs down. I tried to push them in so they almost looked like they were going into the fabric (I hope that makes sense).
3. Place more studs where ever you feel necessary. There are endless possible designs. You could completely stud a shoulder or space it out like I did. You could stud the back panel. I say whatever is your style go for it!
To stud both of the shoulder it took me about 2 hours total. The total cost of this was about $12. I think it was totally worth it. I already have numerous outfits this would work with; I think it’s going to be my go-to jacket this fall!
Meghan, aka my DIY buddy, brought her Pink Floyd bowling shirt she scored at a thrift store to take in because it was a little big. She also cut off the sleeves to make it a tank/vest. Here’s a few pics of her doing her thang!
Thanks for visiting,
Hope you enjoyed this
and let me know if your going to try this!
Look for more DIY’s coming soon.

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